"Spiritwood Carvings" - by Carol Hakes


Log Beds: 

These custom made beds are limited only to your imagination.  We harvest the trees, peel them, dry them, and assemble them.  You can request a finish, a special carving on the head or foot post.  Seen here are only wood spirits however bears can also be carved on the posts.

Full Size Tamarack Log Bed
Our son harvested this tamarack out of a swamp. 
We peeled and constructed the bed.  
It is as homemade as homemade gets.

Twin Size Balsam Bed with Wood Spirit Carved on headboard.

Close up view of the wood spirit carving on head board.

Twin Bed made of Balsam with hand carved Wood Spirit on headboard.

Another Twin Bed made from Balsam logs with hand carved Wood Spirit on opposite head post than one above. 

Gnarly Full Size Bed Pealed Popple Bed

Footboard of Full Size Gnarly Peeled Popple Bed.

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